The memoir of Eric Rudolph

“In 1998 Eric Rudolph was added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list and became the focus of the bureau’s largest and most intensive manhunt. Suspected of committing four bombings,
including the bombing at the 1996 Olympic Games, Rudolph fled into the mountains of Western North Carolina. There he remained hidden for five and a half years.
Finally captured in 2003, Rudolph is now serving a life sentence at the Administrative Maximum prison (often called SuperMax) in Colorado.
Other than discussing the motives for his actions, Rudolph has never before spoken about his case. For the first time, he recounts his harrowing ordeals in the mountains: how he survived by
hunting deer and gathering acorns; how he managed to elude a small army of FBI agents, helicopters, and hound dogs; how he maintained body and mind through sheer will and deep seated beliefs.
The memoirs also focus on his upbringing, where along with strong family bonds and childhood discovery, he learned about violence and hypocrisy in the public schools
. Never one to bow his head and obey, the book reveals Eric’s integrity and steadfast aptitude for speaking truth to power.
Finally, the book recounts the Atlanta and Birmingham bombings, presenting the only true, first person account of these events. Whether or not you agree with Eric’s actions, he is a man of strong conviction and compelling ideas, a person with more depth and complexity than many out there would have you believe   “
I haven’t read the entire book yet but am planning to. Rudolph seems to have a survival skill set that a lot of prepper type people could appreciate.
5 Yrs. on the run living in the outdoors is pretty damn successful.

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