American police kill more people in one day than Norway cops have in 10 years

“As tensions deepen in places like Ferguson, Baltimore, and New York City, so does American gun culture. Civilians and law enforcement dig in their heels on the idea that having guns is the only way to stay safe, because the perception is that everyone else has a gun.

But everyone doesn’t have a gun. And pumping more firepower into an already broken system won’t help fix it.

The most immediate solution most experts see involves radically rethinking how law enforcement is done, which means relying less on force and more on face-to-face contact.”

“Since January 1, 2015, police officers in the US have killed more than 600 people, with 100 of those deaths occurring in March alone. Even if statistics might suggest otherwise, the most visible incidents depict law enforcement as a system that is inherently prejudiced toward people of colour.

For many, this leads to an inescapable conclusion: Police officers are threats, not lifelines.

Compare the sobering reality in the US with another one. In Norway, the last time a police officer shot and killed somebody was in 2006.”

“So one way to curb gun deaths is simply to make the police more visible and approachable in high-crime areas,” Oddsson says. “Have them engage the community in a respectful manner. Police on foot rather than in cars. Talk to people. Get to know them. Participate in community events. Build trust.”

That could be the only context in which stripping officers of their guns would have a positive effect.”

“Hirschfield argues the best approach involves treating civilians with a greater degree of respect. Police departments should encourage their officers to recognise a problem and solve it, rather than spot a crime and punish it.”

More here:

You have to love the dawn of the video age. These days you can’t sling a dead cat without it landing on a freshly made video of a crooked cop.

The question is ; When will the populace as a whole realize the scope of the problem?

A lot of conservatives still think that it is a minor problem caused by “A few bad apples”

You cannot have a free society that is policed by trigger happy thugs

You cannot expect liberty when the system meant to insure it is corrupt

What used to be a small scale problem that mainly existed in big city PD.’s has now gone nationwide

People fear Federal tyranny while ignoring the bars of the police state closing in around them

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