Kentucky clerk refusing to issue gay marriage licenses

“The clerk of Casey County, Kentucky is refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses despite the order of Democrat Gov. Steve Beshear.

During a private meeting, Beshear told county clerk Casey Davis Thursday that he should issue same-sex marriage licenses or resign, reports Davis said he is refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because same-sex marriage is against his religious beliefs, and he is also refusing to resign his post.

Prior to meeting with Beshear, Davis said he was willing to go to jail for his religious beliefs.

“If that’s what it takes to express freedom of religion, I’m willing to do this,” the clerk said.

Beshear later said that while he respects Davis’ personal beliefs, the clerk took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution which, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled at the end of June, now recognizes same-sex marriages nationwide. The governor said that county attorney Thomas Weddle Jr. advised Davis that the oath of office he took requires him to issue same-sex marriage licenses, and added that the courts and the voters will “deal appropriately” with clerks who do not obey the law”

The rubber is going to hit the road on this issue

You can’t take thousands of years of religious belief and tradition and flush it with one ruling by black robed unelected men

Across the country people are going to be making a stand for for religious freedom

Find someone to stand with

Unless you believe that the SCOTUS should be trusted as the moral compass for the nation

7 responses to “Kentucky clerk refusing to issue gay marriage licenses

  1. Meh

    Does the same clerk deny divorce papers? Does the same clerk check to be sure the applicants are in accordance with ALL the mandates of Leviticus? Or just the one?

    How about we get goobermint out if the marriage approval racket?


  2. Reblogged this on Cold Dead Hands Days and commented:
    What law? Did congress pass a nationwide Gay Marriage Law or by inventing the RIGHT that does not exist in the contrition is it now just assumed it’s legal everywhere?


  3. He can refuse to resign, but he can be fired. My guess is that’s what’s going to happen. No one said standing up for one’s beliefs was going to be easy.


  4. He should respond with SCOTUS issues OPINIONS, not laws. That is a fallacy promoted by the left. Just because they rule on something does NOT make it law.

    Also, ACCORDING to the Constitution SCOTUS was outside of the enumerated powers even hearing this case. He could easily find words from the Founders stating exactly that to support that he IS upholding his oath by NOT following this OPINION.

    The government thinks we are stupid. Throw the founders own words in their faces and make they tell us the people that wrote the Constitution didn’t know what they meant and intended.


    • That is exact truth, but look to the Scalia dissenting opinion. “It is of overwhelming importance, however, who it is that rules me. Today’s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court.” Need I say more?


      • ONLY if we continue to allow it. We have the right AND DUTY through our Founding Documents AND based on natural law and God given rights to return that rule to where it belongs, with the people, the final earthly authority.

        We have to this point shirked our duty of controlling the government WE created.

        I’m honestly not sure at this point if there is enough virtue left in this Country to make the needed changes. Without being a virtuous people, we cannot and will not succeed in applying the Constitution.

        The Founders warned us of that more than two centuries ago and we’re now seeing the “fruits of our labors” for not following their guidance.

        The paths forward are few and limited to us unfortunately, and fraught with much peril.

        Certainly, we can take up arms, but if we do that without, being that virtuous people, we then end up like the French revolution instead of the American Revolution and terror will reign instead of peace and stability.

        The biggest problem we face is time. It grows very short.

        We have waited far too long to rebuild the virtuous base we need to succeed. It’s there, but very small, uncommitted, and mostly silent at this point. It’s scared and ineffective when we need bold and extremely effective.

        The planned enslaving of this Country is almost complete. We will not make it to another generation before it is completed to a point it will be almost impossible to return from for decades, if not centuries.

        Our religious leaders MUST step forward and lead the way.

        Basically we need to get our hearts right before we get our minds right. We MUST do this for the right reasons. We MUST hold the high ground morally and ethically. Otherwise, we lose the hearts and minds and become the evil we fight or worse.

        We MUST FORCE the immediate growth, expansion, and ACTION of the original Black Robe Regiment. Our pulpits need to overflow with declarations of God’s word pertaining to the gospel, freedom, and liberty.

        It then must also be screamed from every corner of the land by every available soul without ceasing and it MUST start TODAY.

        Without this, I fear we are doomed to repeat the history of many other failed nations and endure a very dark time of slavery and chains.

        So write to and talk to your community religious leaders. Encourage them. Tell them you will stand with them.

        God will not hold any of us guiltless if we refuse our responsibilities.

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