The Next Round of the Great Crisis Has Just Begun

Here it comes……

This from Zero hedge:

” As we have been noting throughout 2015 thus far:

There is no recovery. There is only the bond bubble. And everything has been done to prop it up because when it bursts (as all bubbles do), entire countries (including the US) will go bust.

Greece is just the first domino to fall.

Indeed the front pages of the financial media today show an interesting tale: both China and Greece are experiencing debt implosions, the former being a margin debt fueled stock market bubble crashing while the latter is on the verge of defaulting on its sovereign debt.

China is long held to be the engine

As we wrote in April:

China is thought to be the great growth story of the post-2008 era. China’s economy not only bottomed before the developed world, but by most accounts, China was thought to be the engine that pulled the world out of recession, thanks to its near-clocklike hitting of 7%+ in GDP growth per year.

Today, China remains central to the notion that the world is in recovery. As Japan’s Abenomics gamble sputters out economically while Europe continues to deteriorate and seems at risk of even breaking apart, it is China and the US that are held up to be the last remaining sources of economic growth for global economy.

At that we noted that China’s “real” economy was imploding with rail traffic and electricity consumption suggesting real GDP growth of 3.5% at best and negative at worst.

Today, we find that all China really did was engage in arguably the single largest credit expansion in monetary history. The China credit bubble dwarfs even Japan’s bubble of the 1980s (a period of such excess that the land under the Japanese Imperial Palace was valued greater than the entire State of Caifornia!).”

Yeah, I know it’s beating a dead horse, but somewhere , sometime, the rubber IS going to hit he road.

You had better be as prepared as you possibly can be

When it happens it is going to range from food shortage to outright famine

Social unrest to complete chaos

It is hard to tell how bad it will go

Just remember to capitalize when you can

We need to organize, fuck the Govt. and the police

Three percent boots on the ground

Be there

Or be square

2 responses to “The Next Round of the Great Crisis Has Just Begun

  1. Pointy End Out

    Great post as usual !
    I really REALLY want to “put 3% boots on the ground” but dont know where to start or more importantly, who to trust….
    The NC militia blog is full of blahblahblah posts, all talk but nothing else….
    Guidance is needed…


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