Hero in blue breaks into home without warrant ,tazes and arrests homeowner. Dept. edits body cam footage before releasing to public, leaves out critical part.

Deborah Lee Jarrett

“On May 25, officers with the Crowley Police Department busted through the front door as a family was sitting down for Sunday dinner.

Footage from an officer’s body cam was eventually leaked to the press, showing the home’s owners, well-known attorneys J. Clay LeJeune and his wife Mitzi Mayeaux, engaged in a dispute with the officers. It quickly turned ugly, with LeJeune receiving the business end of one officer’s Tazer. Both were arrested and later indicted by an Acadia Parish grand jury on charges of public intimidation, retaliation and resisting an officer with force of violence”

The rest here: http://theind.com/article-21125-Crowley-PD-out-of-control.html?utm_source=News+from+IND+Media&utm_campaign=05b89d09a7-The_INDsider_6_9_156_9_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5d7622dd6c-05b89d09a7-135557105

Yes cops do lie and they do it all the time. Any time something doesn’t look good for them they alter the narrative, whether on video or on their report. Many times their dept. will help them along with their lie as with this case.

Any time an officer speaks…

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