Excerpts from Eric Rudolph’s (The Olympic park bomber) book

Between the Lines of Drift
“Paul Hill’s actions came at a time of exceptional turmoil in the country. Conservatives and liberals were squaring off over issues from
gun control to gays in the military. The catalyst for the conflict was
William Jefferson Clinton. In 1992, the Democratic Party nominated Clinton as their candidate for president. His election would signal a changing of the guards. Those who had stormed the beaches of
Normandy were stepping down; those who had dodged the draft during the Vietnam War were stepping up. Clinton was the standard-bearer for his generation. In their college years they dropped acid, read Karl Marx, and protested the war in Vietnam. They dreamed of the day when their generation would finally take power from The Man and usher in a truly “just” society, one that was based on the ideals of
democratic socialism. They would then redistribute the wealth. Outdated concepts like patriotism would fall by the wayside. The patriarchal family would retire to a museum somewhere. At Woodstock,they had wallowed around in their own excrement. Now
they were one step away from the White House.
Some people were ecstatic; others were alarmed and dismayed.
True to form, Clinton came bearing a list of “progressive” reforms: homosexuals in the military; socialized medicine; a comprehensive crime bill (Brady Bill), which included a ban on so-called assault
weapons. Planned Parenthood gave Clinton its highest pro-abortion rating. His agenda touched off a firestorm that would burn across the American Heartland for eight long years. Clinton’s support for
abortion and his push for homosexual soldiers angered social conservatives. Socialized medicine angered the doctors and the country-club Republicans. And the Brady Bill infuriated the
Far Right.”
The rest of it can be found in PDF here: http://armyofgod.com/EricLinesOfDrift1_18_15.pdf
Wow! Does any of this sound familiar?
You know, I wrote a piece on Jared and Amanda Miller being radicals and as such being able to see around the corner on events.
I think for sure that Rudolph had that same ability.
I wonder if he ever thought that the battle for the soul of our nation would be so brief?

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