Will you resist?

“Some gun owners have embraced an “I will not comply” philosophy, and done it in a way that dares authorities to enforce what they’ve imposed. Untold numbers in California, Connecticut and New York have refused to register their “assault weapons.” Gun owners in Colorado are actively defying the standard-capacity magazine ban. Gun owners in Washington State are openly flouting the recently-passed initiative requiring “background checks” (that is, registration) for private transfers.

The authorities, used to being obeyed, don’t know what to do now that their bluff has been called. They understand they don’t have the resources to go after any but a statistically insignificant percentage of “scofflaws,” no matter how loudly indignant urban newspaper editorials demand they do just that.

“[T]he bottom line is the state must try to enforce the law,” The Hartford Courant railed, noting “scores of thousands of Connecticut residents failed to register their military-style assault weapons with state police.

“If you want to disobey the law, you should be prepared to face the consequences,” the editors, who had no personal skin in the enforcement game, proclaimed.”

“Widespread defiance, when all else fails, is something I’ve taken to calling a “new paradigm,” and while that holds true for many gun rights activists who have been forced to make the terrible decision between surrender to an edict or personal risk for disobeying it, it is. But it’s not really new. It has a long and proud tradition.”

“Still, when an edict passes that there’s no getting around, one we won’t be able to vote our way out of or sue our way around, when we see that the right delayed is, in fact, a right denied, you and I are going to have a decision to make. No one can make it for us.

What will you do if ordered to register your firearms? What will you do if ordered to surrender them because they have been declared “illegal”? Will you obey political and judicial criminals betraying their oaths to the “supreme Law of the Land,” or will you resolve “I will not comply”?”

Excerpted from David Codrea

The whole piece here: http://gunsmagazine.com/exclusive-i-will-not-comply/

One response to “Will you resist?

  1. choclabs aka da cook

    first – I voted for a sheriff who said NO, without qualification, if the feds pass a law banning any gun/guns, would you enforce it. Step one – use nullification with the greatest asset – the local sheriff because he/she is the law of the land and can throw out the feds if they want to.

    second – local politicians – same question + would you support/introduce a bill affirming our 2nd amendment rights that would make any future federal law(s) banning/limiting gun ownership null and void locally?

    If everyone worked on a local level – the cesspool inside the beltway would eventually resolve itself.

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