This is how you stop bullying

East Greenwich parents took to social media this week questioning how the school district handled a situation in which a first grader brought a weapon to school.

The Jeffrey Clark School student was found to have a kitchen knife in his possession with a blade of approximately four inches on March 30. He told police that he brought it to protect himself because he was being bullied, according to Police Chief Barry Jenkins.”

Forget narking to the teacher, he’ll just cut you.

This boy obviously does not need an online campaign to keep bullies at bay, a 4″ knife will suffice.

Of course now he is unarmed and the bullies know it

But now they also know the kid has a little bit of “Not quite right” in him.

Maybe he will learn to carry a roll of quarters in his pocket….

Like I did

Did I say that out loud?

2 responses to “This is how you stop bullying

  1. Father Paul Lemmen

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  2. I “carried” a piece of 3/4″” copper pipe, filled with lead from my bullet casting, all through Jr High and High school.

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