Diminished liberty

It is amazing how far the perception of liberty in our nation has been distorted. I had a few thoughts about it the other day and it really reinforced my thoughts that there is no possibility whatsoever of ever voting our way out of this mess. I stumbled out of bed Saturday morning, shuffled off to get a cup of coffee and as I sat down, the first thing I thought of was liberty and it’s rightful application.

Yeah, I am that guy; I just can’t turn this shit off. It isn’t because of something that happened that I get all wound up and get my panties in a wad. Liberty isn’t an event, it is a continuum and its presence or lack there of is a constant. It is a state that we exist in no matter what else may be happening around us.

So anyway, I am about to put a cup of coffee to my lips and I think to myself  “What would the founders, or for that fact, anyone born to that generation, think if they were told that they could not ride their horse down the street without first obtaining a license to do so ?”

That is when it dawned on me how far our liberty and our perception of it was distorted from its original inception. I knew what the answer to the question was before I even finished thinking it. These men had just fought, bled, died and survived for the sake of rightful liberty. They had just instituted a system that would insure the individual liberty of Americans; just thrown off the chains of tyranny.

That tyranny was a system that taxed, tolled, papered, regulated and controlled all those who were under it. A system that required the subjects to carry papers at all times so they could be investigated at any whim as to what their business was and where they might be going.

So, where are we in this whole scheme of things? Where do we sit on the scale of freedom?

Let me say it without  bringing in such obvious things such as the TSA, DHS, FBI and the other multi- letter agencies. I will leave those out and simply deal with our distorted perception of freedom and liberty on a more basic level.

We abide daily injustices that would have brought open rebellion and revolution in former generations.  We have been so conditioned to conform to our lack of liberty that we barely notice its absence anymore.

At age 15 we are eagerly awaiting the chance to be taxed, regulated, licensed and allowed by the state to drive. We have been told by our parents, our schools and our society that this is how it works and we blindly accept it; accept that this is freedom.

We accept what we are told ,that driving, like so many other things, is not a right, it is a privilege granted to you by the state that can be revoked at any time.

Also, while you are in the act of driving your normally allotted rights are at diminished capacity. There is a different bar set for search and seizure of both your vehicle and person. In a vehicle you don’t have the “Reasonable expectation” of privacy that you do in your home.

Any time that your vehicle is stopped you may be asked to exit your vehicle for the officers safety. He may then handcuff you and pat down your person for weapons before the traffic stop continues.

This is what passes for freedom today and with our twisted perception of liberty we blindly except it.

All of this is done in the name of safety, in the name of the greater good . From the handcuffs and pat down, to the search and licensing , it is all ostensibly done for the safety of others.

Just imagine if people were allowed to travel willy-nilly wherever they wanted without the state making sure that they were licensed and able to operate up to the states standards.

Oh, the horror! Can you imagine? Free people just driving any which way they want? How could we survive such  dangerous freedom?

But in this system that is set up for the “Safety” of all, the individual liberty designed into the system at its inception has vanished. It is so far gone that most of us never even notice it. I know that at the moment a lot of people are aware of what is happening, but they are not looking at the most basic precept of the loss.

Our liberty was lost generations before we were born and we, as did our fathers, and grandfathers, just accepted it as the status quo. Most of us never questioned it until it got so far out of hand that it could not ignored any longer. But it isn’t the current situation that is at the heart of the matter.

It is what we used to accept as liberty in our distorted perception of freedom. A return to that state from the current tyranny is not acceptable; Not now that most of us now view it through a clearer lens.

A return to lesser tyranny is not an option, if we intend to exist in a state of rightful liberty as our nation was designed .Is that what we should strive for ? Lesser tyranny?  Not the unbridled tyranny  of the 2000’s but that lesser one from 1960?

I think not.

But, does anyone actually think that no matter who runs for what, that there is any chance of actually voting true liberty back into our nation?  I think that the answer to that is a resounding no. The pigs in D.C. that are feeding at the trough of public money have no interest in liberty.

Liberty gets in the way of what they need to do, which is to insure their place at that trough. More laws and more control grows their bureaucracy and pours the slop in so they can continue to fatten.

The serfdom of the American people has been so institutionalized on so many levels, that there is no chance that anything other than fundamental structural change will be able to restore liberty in its actual form.

And how can that be accomplished? A revolution perhaps? Shall we Storm the Bastille?

Well, I don’t believe that it can happen without some type of event that spurs it. But at the same time,  I don’t think that in our cowardly, status quo driven society that we, as a people, will ever rise up in arms to recapture our stolen freedom.

We will instead accept whatever it is that the tyrants have to offer us. Yes, we will bitch, whine, moan and complain about it , but only until that is banned and made illegal.

I think that it would take something on the scale of total economic or societal collapse to put people in the position to they realize that can seize back their liberty.

I think that on a wide enough scale the powers that be, would be so diminished, that people capable, willing, organized and able , would be able to have a foothold in establishing a free society.

The most important part of the whole equation would be the ability to recognize the event and have the fortitude to seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

While everyone clambers for help and begs for assistance and servitude, those willing to be free could use the opportunity to establish a state that has the actual goals in mind that our founders had.

Economically we have built a house of cards and somewhere in the not so distant future it is going to come tumbling down. What would happen in D.C. if the slop suddenly stopped pouring into the trough? Where would the pigs run and what would they do if their political existence was threatened?

They would do whatever was necessary to keep it coming and the result of that would be unbridled tyranny and a tyranny so great that no free man could abide it.  They are the rulers, and using history as a guide, the rulers will commit any act to continue their rule.

Now here is the important question: If opportunity presents itself, will you seize it? Is dangerous  freedom and liberty more important than the security offered by tyrants? Is danger and death preferable to existence without freedom?

I know it is to me.

But who am I anyway? Just some guy who thinks too much, sees too much and patiently awaits his drone strike while drinking his morning coffee.

This is a second draft of a previous post. In the previous draft I ran out of time and rather truncated the ending.

5 responses to “Diminished liberty

  1. Father Paul Lemmen

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  2. The founders were fools for imagining they could create an imaginary “authority” to rule, and yet keep it restrained. Once that cat is out of the bag there is only one direction it goes. But, it’s up to each of us to come to realize “authority” is nothing but a superstition- the belief in which has been disastrous for humans from the beginning. See “authority” for what it is and it loses its imaginary power.


  3. The single most effective way to rein in Fed.gov and get back the most of the liberty our forebears enjoyed would be to repeal the 16th Amendment.


  4. Bravo and thoughtfully said, you spoke my mind. And that is the thing right there. You ask a very salient question about what takes liberty? I’ll tell you what it takes, takes a plurality is what.
    Another worthy observation you make about the state of freedom involving the knowledge of how administrative diktat has supplanted almost every facet of freedom in the sphere of liberty. TINVOWOOT, as you say, there is no voting our way out of this. Rightfully so. But not as a matter of despair or apathy, but of realizing the reality of this truth, because until one does so, despair or apathy is the motivating, or un-motivating dynamic, of ones actions.
    But back to that plurality. A strange animal it is. I think in the context of liberty and freedom a plurality is unique. There is nothing like it in the sphere of human activity. It is unique if for only one reason, that reason involves its legitimacy. A primal righteousness which transcends all other human activity on this earthly plane. A sense of its place in the grand scheme, its destiny.
    Once this plurality begins to grow aware of its own existence it takes on the character of preference cascade, where it self perpetuates, in doing so the caveat of legitimacy becomes its shield and sword, where nothing can deny it its power.
    But this plurality has to recognize it is a plurality in the first place. That is the conundrum you speak of in your thoughtful words. It is also key and manifold.
    Follow me so far?
    Looking at it from another angle it can be said there are millions of fellow Americans who in some fashion or another share essentially the same thoughts and desires concerning our liberty as you expressed in your fine piece above. Yet for all the commonality in reason and thought, everyone is more or less isolated, no sense of brotherhood or shared ideas, ideals, desires, and mission. And because of this situation, we are divided and conquered. We are isolated, ineffective and powerless on more than an individual plane to effect our freedoms and liberty. Its an ugly bitch.
    How do we get from here to there, how do we become the plurality of our potential and of our right to be so? It is the great question of our time, the time that comes to us. It takes a plurality, because a plurality is in the grand scheme of things the most effective, viable, undeniable primal expression of our liberty. It is the bedrock of our liberty, the reason, the force, and without this plurality there is no liberty to live by, only dream of and long for.
    I think too, this pluralities legitimacy though always virtuous, logarithmically increases both in its moral imperative and legitimacy in contrast to the illegitimacy and immoral tyrannical nature of the tyrants and their corruption it faces. It is apparent those in power have undertaken many avenues of dissolution in regards to undermining American’s will and indomitable spirit through strategy, campaigns, and tactics using social engineering and disruption of culture and faith. Never mind the use of economic warfare and outright wonton theft of private, public and created property and its intrinsic wealth. This in my mind at least underscores the time tested tyrants use of divide and conquer, and in our case, specifically to deny the people a sense of community, tribe, family and the continuity of solidarity and commonality which are key components of a plurality in liberty.
    Of course there is everything to be said for a very specific set of property which constitutes the representation of our primal sovereignty as individuals, and as a plurality, and those are freedom of speech and arms. In speaking truth to power, those two properties are that which I all that stands in the way of totalitarian conditions. We balance on a knifes edge, the balance between liberty and total tyranny is predicated on the civility and tolerance originating in our character, from a plurality of people who are regardless of our warts and foibles good and rightful in nature and example. I contend these sonofabitches running things would not have been able to create the administrative police state they have constructed if it where not for the good character of our great society. To me that is indication the fat lady isn’t singing. She may, for all the trials and tribulations we face, not be even warming up.
    Regardless of the precipice of crisis’s and disasters possible due to unintended, and intended consequences of those meddling in our affairs, it doesn’t have to be like this. That is very simple reason. And there is better. Simple logic. That we don’t have to put up with these tyrants. Basic courage right there. That my property is mine. Mine to do with as I see fit. That is simple dignity of self worth. The icing on this cake is I do not have to comply. That is primal independence, one can not get anymore basic than that. These are the ingredients which a plurality of people who decide they are not going to consent any longer to what is absolutely fundamentally wrong and unacceptably egregious is made of.
    But the conundrum here is how to make that leap, that bridge of faith, where a person is not alone on this. How does tho nebulous plurality become a movement, how does it coalesce into an entity no tyrant or state can withstand or deny. I believe that is the question of our time. And maybe, maybe, that is all it takes, the question. Because a question like that is like a seed, planted in fertile ground it grows, and evolves into something larger and beautiful.


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