Should be back to full speed shortly

I will be getting back to some serious writing in the near future. I have a lot of concepts that I have been working on and will be putting some of them to paper. I am not sure though, when it will be appropriate to speak about the recent events that transpired, because an appeal has been filed and I don’t want to muck it up.

But anyway ,after the 23rd of this month , I should be able to return to my cheery old rabble rousing self and I have some serious essay writing to do.

Believe me when I tell you that they haven’t silenced me. I have taken a small hiatus for the sake of prudence.

To silence me they will have to kill me.

Yes, I am that guy, whether just stubborn or stupid.

One response to “Should be back to full speed shortly

  1. Father Paul Lemmen

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man and commented:
    I look forward to it. The brief hiatus is understood also. So glad prayers were answered and spouse is home from that 49th street ‘vacation’ spot.
    Prayers continue.

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