Next Sunday we will be having a feast to celebrate the return of my prodigal wife. It is going to take me most of the week after work and part of this weekend to get everything prepared. Here is what I will be busy with:

From the smoker:

Smoked ham, butt portion

11 Lb. slab of pork ribs

Chicken thighs

Dates wrapped in bacon

From the Oven:

Eggplant Parmigiana

Chicken enchiladas

Slow cooked 7 bone chuck roast for Fajitas and Chimichangas

From the stove top:

Italian sausage and center cut pork chops in red sauce with wine

Yes, I am going to have enough food to feed an army. Everything is done from scratch and since it is for my honey, it’s cooked with extra love.  I would invite you all if possible and that is straight up truth.

4 responses to “Feastaciousness

  1. steve lazarus.

    as we cannot attend at least post the pictures of your artwork in the kitchen

  2. Bacon wrapped dates sure sounds good. But then bacon with anything is good.

    Sometime try dark chocolate, 80% or so, in a double boiler and mix in bacon bits lavishly. Spoon out on wax paper to cool. It’s to die for. It’s the best of both worlds dark chocolate and bacon.

    And just goes to prove anything is good with bacon.

    Wade in NW Florida

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