Miami-Dade Cop Faked Police Reports to Scrub Credit Histories

“A Miami-Dade police officer was arrested Thursday after federal prosecutors say he wrote up fake police reports on nonexistent identity thefts, in order to help credit repair companies scrub their customers’ credit histories clean in exchange for kickbacks.

Rafael Duran, 43, of Miami, appeared in court Thursday after being indicted and arrested on fraud charges over the alleged scheme. He is set to be arraigned April 16 and could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.”

I am not surprised at this coming out of Miami- Dade, they have got to be the most corrupt scumbags in the country.

But still, if you are arrested by one of them, the court automatically hands moral authority to him.

If he says that little baggie fell out of your pocket, it is accepted by the court as truth and now you have to defend your self against the overwhelming power of the state.

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