On advice

On the advice of the attorney I am being nice, if you hadn’t noticed.

Yes, I have to take the advice of counsel to be nice. No Tom foolery here, nothing to see, hip, hip cheery O’, move along.

This is of course a temporary condition and Tom thuggery foolery will resume as soon as it is feasible.

Once it is back to being only my ass on the line, I will be back in full force.. and with a vengeance.

In the mean time, I will be lame and tame.

Or try to.

You see? Did you see that? I was just going to add to that and had to stop myself.


I will tell the story down the line; There will be much swearing.

7 responses to “On advice

  1. It is going to be a loooooong 30 days. Perhaps you should build a reverse advent calendar into which each day you place a thought or object that most sums up that day.

    • I believe that I will be clear to speak after the 27t of April. But that is an excellent idea, as I keep coming up with ideas that I have to nix. One thing I can speak of is that the Rutherford institute is interested in taking up the appeal. If you are not familiar, they are here. https://www.rutherford.org/

      • LadyRavenSDC

        Hell yeah I am familiar with them! A tab on my desktop for daily “must” reads! And I thought all hope in this country had died…..

      • The appeal was filed yesterday by our attorney, but she is not handling it. After April 9 when my sweetheart is released I can divulge partial info. Stacey and I are going to video visitate her today at 2:30. One big suck is that she is 100 Mi.away, otherwise I could visit daily.

      • I just posted a recipe. I don’t know if your daughter does mexican, but remove the Chicken, substitute vegetable for chicken broth, add extra onion and green chilies and it is a killer cheese enchilada recipe.

  2. “as I keep coming up with ideas that I have to nix”… How’s about you just write up a post every time you get an idea and just vent but don’t actually publish the post. Just make it like you WOULD be posting it. And then, when she gets out out you just do a huge post dump and we get a sh*t load of material to read and you don’t stroke out in the meantime!

    • I am not worried about stroking out. If I get P.O. d enough I will act out. Once I start to burn, I could not give a fuck about life or death or anything in between. If I dwell on it I really start to take offense at the situation. So, for everybody’s safety I am just turning off for the moment. I appreciate the thought though….. Instead of a huge post dump, I am cooking a huge food dump, a feast if you will. I started last night and it will take me the week to finish.

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