New routine

Being on my own, I have developed a routine that keeps me out of trouble. I have not been writing, even though I have loads of time to myself, because that entails thinking.

Thinking provokes anger and anger provokes action.

I have promised my wife that while she is there I will behave myself and not be rash. So I have a little program that I follow every day.

6:00 A.M Out of bed

6:15 A.M Into shower (Preventing that rash, you know)

6:45 A.M Exit long, super hot shower

6:50 A.M. Weight training

7:05 A.M Aerobic training

7:15 A.M. weapons training (Various hand weapons, short sword, hand axe)

7:30 A.M. Coffee

7:35 A.M. Off to work

Work, work, work with some postings in between

5:15 P.M. Return home

5:40 P.M. Break fast with light meal

6:00 P.M.Digest, tend garden beds, mill uselessly about the yard.

7:00  P.M Repeat of the morning training  routine, minus the coffee

8:00 P.M. Chill out

9:00 P.M. Hope it is Sunday and the walking dead is on

9:40 P.M. Start drinking 20 Oz. of red wine in 4 Oz. increments.

10:00 P.M. Hope it is Thursday and Vikings is on

10:45 P.M. Finish wine

11:00 P.M. Fall asleep in chair (It is a stressless ,it’s easy to do)

1:30 A.M. Wake up and move to the couch and go back to sleep

6:00 A.M Start all over again

Yes, I know, boring and pathetic, that was the point.

I need a cat.

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