Word on my wife

Apparently after an entire week of contacting every official in the state of Florida something finally came through. Talk about the run around, no one wanted to touch it. Every place I contacted told me that they didn’t have jurisdiction and shifted me to someone else.

I contacted a few private entities, but the majority were state or federal agencies. Among those I spoke to were the Florida disability medical liaison, the Pinellas county ADA compliance, the Pinellas county sheriff, the Pinellas county jail, the Florida human rights council, my local state reps office, the state of Florida ADA compliance and a bunch of others.

We have an attorney retained in this matter and even she was stymied as to what to do. She is not a big time criminal lawyer and most of the cases that she handles are DUI. It is next to impossible to find anyone to contact at the jail and she didn’t even  know where to start.

I am not sure what happened, but I went to see my wife yesterday and she told me that she had been seen at the nurses station and they were now offering her pain meds, which she refused.

In addition to that, they ordered up a slightly thicker mattress x2 for her cot. She had not had a chance to try it yet, but it has to be an improvement.

It may have been the call that I put in to the nurses station, a message of course, or all of the other calls that were just floating in the matrix.

Just the sheer volume of calls I had out there may have had an effect, coming back like a rumor. Every one I spoke to got the entire story before telling me they had no jurisdiction . They would then either transfer me or give me another number to call.

But anyway, it is an improvement. I had a video face to face with her yesterday and despite everything, I had her smiling and laughing. I was reading her poetry and telling her what I was going to cook for her when she gets out.

It is funny, we had a really clear connection, but when I read her the poem “Valhalla”  a horrendous echo started that lasted the rest of the conversation.

Who would have figured?

Anyway, for now, I don’t want to say too much. Once this 30 days is in the past though, I will expound on things.

5 responses to “Word on my wife

  1. Father Paul Lemmen

    I am in Pinellas County (Largo) and will help if I can. Email is plemmen55@gmail.com

  2. Father Paul Lemmen

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  3. The original incident. Can you give me the link. One of my brothers was reading the one I reblogged and he wants to read about the “incident” that started it all.
    I looked far back and just can’t find.

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