Saurday update

Weekend updates are a rarity as I have no internet connection at home. We were getting raped by brighthouse and my wife decided to go to DSL.

Requiem for the internet

My internet is gone

my modem

lays on the lawn

like the colored

leaves of fall

It is haunted

by the signals it once received

mocked by the cables

so close

Their information left

like water

leaking on the floor

I wonder now

in the dark still of night

Why, why ?

Did she ever

decide on DSL

Yeah, it didn’t work out. DSL is not as fast as broadband, as a matter of fact it was not fast at at all. In fact, at least 50% of the time it did not work at all. Right in the middle of something it would drop off line and stay that way for 20 minutes.

We would put in a call to Century link and they would tell us that they checked the settings and it was fine. In the end my wife tore the entire set up out by the roots and chucked it out the front door and told them to pick their crap up.

I am fine with it. Here at my office I have the super smoking business package to create mayhem with.

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