Those wounded Ferguson police



I’m sorry the two Ferguson policemen were shot (one of them in the face), but even more sorry that the issue of police killings has turned from a problem many agreed needed solving to an Hussein Obama-Al Sharpton controversy. I agree the latter have made things worse, but that’s all you could really expect from them.

It’s simply past time for police across the country to begin training on how to subdue people who are resisting arrest without killing them. Then there’d have been no Ferguson rioting and probably these two wounded officers would not be. Keep up the police killings of recent years and there’ll be more shootings of police. Ipso facto.

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    An excerpt –
    “In fact, the Pentagon (and the Department of Homeland Security) had already shunted $5.1 billion worth of military equipment, much of it directly from the country’s distant battlefields — assault rifles, land-mine detectors, grenade launchers, and 94,000 of those machine guns — to local police departments around the country. Take, for example, the various tank-like, heavily armored vehicles that have now become commonplace for police departments to possess. (Ferguson, for instance, had a “Bearcat,” widely featured in coverage of protests there.)

    Since 2013, the Pentagon has transferred for free more than 600 mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles, or MRAPs, worth at least half a million dollars each and previously used in U.S. war zones, to various “qualified law enforcement agencies.” Police departments in rural areas like Walsh County, North Dakota (pop. 11,000) now have their own MRAPs, as does the campus police department at Ohio State University. It hardly matters that these monster vehicles have few uses in a country where neither ambushes nor roadside bombs are a part of everyday life.

    Post-Ferguson, a few scattered departments have actually moved to turn these useless vehicles back in. It’s clear, however, that police forces “kitted out with Marine-issue camouflage and military-grade body armor, toting short-barreled assault rifles, and rolling around in armored vehicles” — that is, almost indistinguishable from soldiers — are now the future of American policing and there’s no walking that back. Since Ferguson, President Obama has essentially refused to do so and Congress certainly won’t. Despite a small uproar over the pile of military equipment being transferred to the police, there is no indication that the flow will be stanched.”

    • And you still cannot talk sense to most people about this. They just accept it and say “Well don’t do anything wrong and you will be okay”

  2. these weren’t Ferguson officers, they are from nearby communities, and were part of the containment line in front of the Ferguson station, between the protesters and the police station, AFTER the chief of Ferguson police was removed from duty..yes he should have stepped down sooner, but BY all available data Micheal Brown robbed the store, then did stupid by walking down the middle of the street and attracting attention of the officer that confronted him, then did more stupid, by grabbing for the officers gun
    and it was a damn stupid coward, who shoots at the neighboring officers trying to prevent further violence on both sides

  3. Thanks for the link, Jay.

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