Goverment IS the problem

Gallup says that people have finally figured it out!

“Government has been named the most important problem facing the country for four straight months and has widened its lead over the second-ranking issue of the economy compared to last month, a Gallup poll said.

Eighteen percent of Americans named dissatisfaction with government the most important problem facing the country, followed by the economy at 11 percent and jobs at 10 percent.”

Big things are coming. Sit down and do the math on all the things that have transpired recently. From 10,000 SAFE act registrations being burned in N.Y. to the protest in Spokane last week.

Colorado had open and public defiance of their magazine ban. Connecticut now has up to 150,000 non-registered, assault weapon wielding criminals in their state.

And don’t forget the Feral rat in Conn. who had to go into hiding because of his over zealous desire to kick doors in.

Bundy ranch, open carry protests all throughout the west, these all add up to something much larger.


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