Forget the stress dog

Stress chickens, that’s what they are.

So, my wife and Stacey decided that it would be prudent for us to become chicken farmers. They went out and bought 6 chicks, all laying hens, and committed us to egg production. The hens are an even split of “Production red” and “Plymouth rock” and the hopes are to produce enough eggs for two families.

This is a first for the ladies and I myself have not done chicken ranching since my days in Kiddie prison. But we are game and are going to give it a go anyway. If it doesn’t work out we figure that we can switch over to doves or Homing pigeons.

Over the past week we have been building a bad ass 4′ X 8′ coop to house the hens; It is elevated 30″ and will have an 8′ x 12′ run.  Right now Stacey is in the back of the shop at my business, putting the final coats of paint on it. Eventually the ladies are going to pretty it up by painting vines and flowers all over it.

The chicks have been living in Stacey’s living room in a big Tupperware tub, but are growing by leaps and bounds. We are hoping to have the coop to completion  by Sunday and be able to move the hens in. When it is all finished up I will post some pics of it.

Wish us luck…..

7 responses to “Forget the stress dog

  1. choclabs aka da cook

    LOL – thinking about doing the same myself (been pondering it for a couple years). At first wife said “I’m not just putting down one foot, I’m putting down BOTH”. Took a while but she’s come around (well, if I put it in the best light possible – ok, I may have to build the coop when she’s asleep).

    I wish you well brother.


    • Thanks. So far it’s been fu building the coop


      • choclabs aka da cook

        lol – since I’m about to do the same, I have to ask – are you stick building it (or kit). Tractor Supply has some nice ones for about $300 – wondering if that is a good idea?

        On the other hand, whats a little fubar going to matter, it’s a chicken coop!


      • It is all about square footage. The birds need 4 sq. ft each for the coop and 10 sq, ft per on the run. The construction is stick with plywood sheathing and metal roofing. We are in coyote country and it has to be secure. A lot of the tractor supply types had poor reviews and most were too small for six birds. Google chicken coop and hit images. There are some pretty cool ones out there and even some portable ones. Start small with two birds and see what happens. BTW baby chicks are CUTE. Every woman that has come across ours wanted to pick them up. Wink, wink……


      • choclabs aka da cook

        I hear you – what woman could resist??! (one thing, and one thing only going for me)

        I have looked at images/plans – some are freaking amazing. And what do they call it – a chicken tractor, the whole thing ya move around and let them eat the bugs – would work great on my land but I’m not there (haven’t built yet) – but not so much in my backyard.

        I’ll take your advice and look/investigate some more – it’s about time I shat or got off the pot.

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      • choclabs aka da cook

        ya got me wondering around but found this – you probably have already been here but thought I’d share


      • I did. Got some ideas from it too. Thanks


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