Family’s Beloved Pony Gets Lost, Found By Police Officer — Who Shoots And Kills It

“When the Fitzgeralds’ beloved, 30-year-old pony, an American Miniature Horse, wandered out of its barn back on February 18, he made it just 150 yards down the road into a neighbor’s yard when the animal decided to lie down and rest for a while. When the neighbor called police, a sheriff’s deputy showed up and tried to get the pony named Gir to stand up.

But Gir, described as a stubborn little horse by the Fitzgeralds, didn’t feel like getting up. So the officer shot Gir twice, killing the family pet.”

Wow! That is harsh. 30 Yrs. old.

What a hero.

At least he made it home safe that day.

2 responses to “Family’s Beloved Pony Gets Lost, Found By Police Officer — Who Shoots And Kills It

  1. Father Paul Lemmen

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  2. Sociopaths…..I have stated and continue to state that vast numbers of LEO are sociopaths, people who meet all the clinical indicators for dangerous antisocial mental illness. And they are being hired deliberately for this very trait. Sociopaths have no compassion, no compunction and are more than happy to follow any order up to and including gassing naked people with cyanide. Problem is if they are left without direct supervision they will act. And those actions will often be criminal. But since they are covered by the insanity of “qualified immunity” they don’t care. The criminals pinned to badges who act in this fashion AND the DA’s and judges who refuse to hold them accountable MUST be eliminated from society for the safety and health of all honest and normal citizens.

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