III to III ; Help a brother out

I am seriously tapped with lawyers bills and associated costs but I will still find $5 bucks to throw his way. If you can help him out, please do so. He is usually on the front line when someone else needs it.

From Wirecutter at Knuckledraggin.com

Folks, me and Miss Lisa hit a tight spot financially. It started last month when we had unexpected guests from back east for a couple of weeks. Between feeding and showing them the sites, we blew through our rainy day fund pretty quickly.
Then the last couple days they were here, I tore a muscle in my back – I took the last two days off that week and the first two of the next week to spread out the pain of lost wages, but naturally then something else went wrong and that cost me another $300 that I didn’t have to spare seeing as the jap car registration is due next weekend and I was saving for that.
I went back to work earlier than I should before my back was even starting to heal hoping to pull myself out of my financial hole, but I didn’t get the OT I was hoping for and when I got home Saturday I had a cut-off notice from the gas company waiting for me which is due Wednesday, just before payday. Then I woke up to an email from my web hosting for my site saying the domain and hosting fees are also due next weekend. I do not want to lose this site for the lack of $83.

I hate soliciting for donations, but if you happen to have a few bucks you can spare, I’d appreciate the help. Even a two or three bucks would help more than you know. But please, don’t cut yourself short to help us out.
My paypal address is k59lane@yahoo.com
One more thing: If you send me a donation by snail mail, please put your email address in there so I can send you a thank you note.
Thanks for your understanding.

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