Sunday dinner

Mesquite Smoked Salmon filets with cucumber dill sauce

Brown rice Pilaf with shiitake mushrooms and marinated soybeans

Cucumber and Tomato salsa with blackened yogurt dressing

I don’t even eat fish, I just cook the hell out of it.Medium heat on the smoker for 2 hrs. with the smoke poured to it.

Cucumber dill sauce is equal parts sour cream and cream cheese with finely minced cucumber, raw onion, dill and garlic powder. Finished off with a shot of salt and enough lemon juice to make it tart.

Cucumber tomato salsa is chopped tomato and cucumbers heavily salted and marinated until tart in lime juice with a shot of 20 Yr. Balsamic vinegar added.

The key to the Blackened yogurt is to use Greek yogurt with 10% milkfat. It is not as sour as regular yogurt and is smooth and creamy. The salsa gets topped with yogurt and then, get this, it gets sprinkled heavily with blackening seasoning.(Cajun season also suffices)

I know it sounds disgusting, but it is not, it is magic. It can also be used to top fish such as blackened grouper or salmon

The brown rice pilaf is brown rice, heavy on chopped onions, shiitake mushrooms and soy beans that have marinated for a minimum of 4 Hrs. in quality soy sauce

Throw this stuff together and have a bunch of happy mouths.

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