The Other American Revolution: Cops as Armed Leninists

“Here and now, the police authorities in the US pose a similar threat to individual liberty that the British military regulars did in North America before 1775. The “redcoats” are now bluecoats.”

” Cops will do what they are told and they will kidnap, cage, maim and kill you depending on the level of resistance of the Helot assaulted. Police in America are the revolutionary vanguard of a violent state power emanating from DC that will stop at nothing to rob, regulate and, if necessary, murder anyone who defies the law. Anyone. They murder men, women, children and animals with alarming frequency and get away with it. Few face the music as a mundane would if charged with a similar crime.

In essence, it is a Federalized police force to the lowest level granted special immunities and protections for doing the state’s dirty work. While there is a secret police functionality in America with the intelligence community providing data it instructs to be laundered for pursuing arrests and convictions, the not-so-secret police continues to behave as a paramilitary occupation force across the fetid plain.”

“Absent the police, no politician could strip or diminish one citizen of their liberty much less the million across the fetid plain. Cops are the business end of bad politics (is there any other?) whether it is speeding, illegal vegetation, raisin farming or real crimes. Since the end of WWII, the police have become a more ubiquitous presence and the official start of Prohibition II in 1972 accelerated the process until 9/11 gave the government the excuse to de jure and de facto Federalize the one million plus coproaches that presently infest the corpus of America. If you doubt this Federalization, look at two things: spend a day at your local courthouse and ask the attorneys what impact and percentage Federal statutes play in local kidnapping and caging of the unfortunates trapped in the snare of the police state. Then examine the amount of money the Federal government grants lower police jurisdictions whether the Pentagram programs like 1022 and 1033.”

From Bill Buppert ,read it all here:

Bill is spot on in his analysis. Looking for the fight?  You don’t have to look far.

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