I wield my words viciously

Like a knife

I slash at her

As I rape her

Hold her down and penetrate her

Blood showers from my blade

As I overwhelm her

But slowly my ravishes

Thrust after thrust

Turn into love

And I wonder

What have I done?

A little explanation on this one.  It was written about a year and a half ago after a particularly vicious fight with my my wife. As most married people know, it is easier sometimes to hurt the one you love the most and know the best.

You know how it is; you know all of their triggers and weak spots. I am not normally a cruel person nor is my wife ,but in this instance, I started throwing low blows while we were going at it. Immediately , I regretted it because I could see that I had deeply hurt her and she is the last person that I want to do that to.

So, there it is. Yeah, I was really an asshole that night.

28 responses to “Rape

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    Yes the explanation really does help heh. I imagine without it you would get some questionable comments and possible some accusations from certain people. 🙂 -OM
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  2. I get it, words can be even more hurtful than actions, others may not, I feel for you if the harpies latch on to this one.


    • Yes, it happened when I posted it on a poetry site. I personally thought that it was plain and clear that it was vicious word use. They didn’t like the violent analogy, but hey, that is how it feels.

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      • aladywrites4u

        Many people are hypersensitive to the use of the word rape in any context. On the flip side it is a very powerful way to express an idea.


      • You know , I did actually have a slight concern about offending someone who had actually been violently raped. I still used the analogy because writers words, like boxers fists, can be deadly weapons.

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      • aladywrites4u

        I don’t find it offensive, I found it true. From my perspective a violent rape was less emotionally damaging than a vicious verbal assault from someone I loved and trusted deeply. The one was an act of violence on my person the other an act of violence on my being. Not all women see it that way.

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  3. Awww moderation, yes, that should provide a shield of sorts


  4. “they didn’t like the violent analogy”…what the hell is writing for if not to ‘reach’ people; draw out an emotion? Dang.
    Oh yeah, great job.


  5. It is definitely easier to hurt the ones we love because we know exactly where to wound them.


  6. This is deep….


  7. This piece evokes a powerful response, for it is brutally honest. I loved it.


    • Thank yo, I’m glad you liked it. I think some of that brutal honesty may have been motivated by a sense guilt. It was not one of my finest moments and the woman in question is one whom I deeply love and respect.


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