Sit back and listen to your skin grow

It has been incredible since I stopped following my doctors bad advice. Over the past week I have regrown a piece of skin the size of a nickel. It has been pretty interesting to watch, especially under magnification.(Yes, I’m a science geek)
In addition to that, something else interesting happened.
I was left with a little piece of nail about a 1/4″ long that he had sewed the skin flap to. That nail has since grown and tissue has grown all the way to the top of the nail. Where there was nothing behind that part of the nail is now starting to pink up.
In other words I have actually regrown part of my finger tip.
I know that stuff like that isn’t supposed to happen,but it did. I will now be only very mildly maimed. I have been doing TENS treatments on it, after doing a bunch research, and wonder if that has anything to do with it. In another day or two, I think I will be able to officially say that it is healed.
Now, as I said a few months ago when my other hand that I pulverized with a sledge healed, I’m back…And I’m bad.
That is until I do something else.

4 responses to “Sit back and listen to your skin grow

  1. If you can get your hands on some medical grade oxygen that will do wonders for you as well. They have an oxygen suite at a posh hotel in Houston that we have visited for weekend getaways a few times. Unbelievable results…

    • I know I was looking for some. The TENS treatment when done with ulcers, skin flap etc. is almost miraculous.Studies were showing from 400% to 1600% increased growth over control groups. I went to a hand surgeon last Friday and he couldn’t believe that they told me to soak it daily in betadine. He not only told me to , but gave me a bottle to take home. Live and learn. I just am not the slow healin’ kind of guy

  2. I’ve had more than my fair share of bad medical treatment. Glad you found something that works. Gotta get that trigger finger in shape!

    • The internet’s your doctor now. That and your own common sense. Oh, and don’t forget the wife.”Do you think it’s the Betadine? Maybe you should stop soaking it?” Emergency room nurse, paramedic,”No baby, the doctor told me to soak it….” But, that’s done. As long as I have my finger for Christmas, I’m happy.Happy and safe travel to you and yours.

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