Now I’m worried

What me worry?

All of a sudden, things have changed. My once forsaken and hideous finger has decided to do miracles. It has re-grown a tip, producing skin and tissue at an incredible rate. What on Thursday was a nasty zombie finger has become by Monday, pink and healthy.

One small section still needs to cover over, less than a pencil eraser, but I can tell that it is done. Finger drama gone and finished. I have a cabin booked for the week of Christmas in the N.C mountains and it would seem that I will not be spending my time eating pain pills with a newly amputated finger. Instead it will be fireplace and hot tub and time to catch up on reading.

Oh,yes and a bottle of 18 Yr. Scotch.

And then there is the Christmas tree in my house; It’s hideous. Really.

My wife is known for the elegant statement that she makes yearly with her beautiful creations. But not this year. The tree looks like it is in bondage and being punished for its misdeeds. There is so much garland wrapped on it that you can’t see the lights underneath. It is actually more of a garland stand than a Christmas tree.

But it was done by my grand daughters with smiles and laughs and delicate fluttering fingers. One I have never met, the other, the little love of my life, I haven’t seen in 8 Yrs.

Yeah, 8 Yrs.

We are doing the house all up for them so they can have a Christmas while we are gone. Real Christmas’s have been far and few between for these two.

I know that I need say no more on that subject.

But why worry? Why now? When everything is going so good?

Well, that’s the point. Everything is just going too damn good.

And that makes me worry.

5 responses to “Now I’m worried

  1. I tend to worry also, when things are going so well that I shouldn’t complain. I have long told my wife that SMS cures all ills…..and she always laughed. Last night she finally shared some with me and later claimed that she’d never felt better. Now I can show her additional proof.

    Christmas threw up a bit in my house as well…but Scotch makes everything better.

  2. What, no finger pics? Congrats on the recovery and enjoy the scotch (I have a bottle of 15yo Glenfiddich that I’ve been sipping on.)

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