Oathkeepers shut down in Ferguson, threatened with arrest for protecting businesses

I was aware that OK was working within Ferguson and wondered what had happened. Did anyone pay attention to the fact that one of the stores that they were charged with protecting was the now famous Natalie’s cakes?

Check that link here:http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2014/11/30/meet-natalie-of-natalies-cakes-in-ferguson/.

I have a link to the article on National review below, plus I copied a comment from it and a reply. I think that Phil has summed it up perfectly. We are not anti-Govt., THEY are anti citizen.


My very first question is how do the police have time to harass the people protecting businesses when the rest of the city is burning down?

  • Simple: They don’t react like peace officers to the presence of armed honest citizens, who have always been their natural allies. They react like union members seeing a bunch of scabs. WE have the monopoly on violence here, buddy. And don’t you forget it.


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