Submit peasants !

I was watching Glenn Beck last night and he had the above picture up on the screen. He asked the question “Is this who we are?” Of course his answer was no, as he is trying to keep as much distance between himself and potential violence as possible.

My answer was an immediate “You’re damned right that’s who we are.”

We are not a nation of peaceniks no matter how many pinch faced liberals claim that we are. We are a nation born of revolution. We are boiled down from the genetic stock of the misfits of Europe; the people who would not bow down or submit and risk fortune, life and family to be free.

Americans always have been, and hopefully always will be, different from Europeans. Instead of submission to religious or royal tyranny our ancestors chose harsh and dangerous freedom. When that tyranny reached across the ocean we chose revolution, a dangerous and deadly gambit.

Yes, that is who we are. We are still the same people that gave you the Boston tea party and the whiskey rebellion. It is not in our nature to submit to tyranny whether imposed by King George or George Washington. The genes may have been watered down some over time, but they still remain in many us.

There is a reason that the U.S. military is the most potent fighting force on the planet and it is not all superior weaponry. When we went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq the Jihadis jumped for joy. They couldn’t wait for the opportunity to meet fat, soft Americans and hand our asses to us on a platter; I think we all know how that went for them.

And now we are faced with hard American choices and must ask ourselves who we truly are. I know that my ancestors came over here in in 1747 and fought in the revolutionary war on the side of the rebels. My great grandfather X 6 and his brother, served with meritorious distinction and were awarded 50,000 acres of land in Georgia.

Yes, I know who I am. My ancestors have been shot, hung and imprisoned in every insurrection in Ireland. I come from a long line of careless rebels who put cause and duty before safety and security.

I can’t answer for everybody Mr. Beck, but I can answer for myself. ” You’re damned right that’s who I am”

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  2. It’s Thirsty Thursday, wear a yellow Gadsen T-shirt today in public. Smile. A lot. Wear it proudly. On Thursdays we remind tyrants about the tree of liberty by wearing OUR colors. Let’s all stand the fuck up. I wore (and am wearing) mine today in a blue hive state (try that shit, it’s liberating). I went to the grocery store, some people averted eye contact, one lad clearly said to himself, hmmmm……

    Folks, if you can’t put on a shirt and walk around in public for liberty showing people (non violently I might add) that you stand for something then you will be alongside a trench at some point wondering why you didn’t. It will be to late then.

  3. What is the story behind the photo?

  4. Boon Vickerson is out there

    I think those running things think are something special, their hubris in this and the absence of organized non aggressive resistance and violent defiance of their power is evidence they possess limitless power and monopoly of force.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Just where do they think the means with which they impose their tyranny came from to begin with?

    The same place their just desserts is going to come from.

  5. Yes…that really is who we, all of US, are and shall remain forever more.

      • A fucking men…To many men today have been told to submit all their lives and have no fight left in them…Glenn Beck is one of those… He loves to talk but when it comes to action he is lacking…He has always been just a pressure relief valve for the conservative side so they don’t pick up pitchforks and torches…

  6. Right alongside you, Brother!

  7. Yeah!!!!! What you said.

    Hard head myself, rebel lines back to 5th Georgia infantry CW1.

  8. Well said.

  9. That’s EXACTLY who I am! I WILL stand and be counted! Screw Glenn Beck! He definitely doesn’t speak for me and mine!

  10. 2nd Florida Cavalry

  11. It is time. And has been time. For civil disobedience.I am in Live Oak Florida all I need is just a few people to participate in the great American slowdown Tools needed. rush hour traffic . Eight to 10 vehicles .half of which needs to be a pickup truck. Signs saying Obama declares war on Americans.rotate vehicles on i-75 at 50 miles an hour during rush hour traffic Monday morning

  12. Civil disobedience now (nonviolent), yes. Later? It may need more. Read my book RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY, available from Amazon. It’s a primer on how to conduct an armed revolt. Don’t learn the hard way. Study up first.

  13. Amen sir,
    I am glad to see that someone remembers the Whiskey Rebellion. All the words of G. Washington came to naught when the when the states were duped into federalism. “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” the corollary for our time is “Centralized power corrupts whole nations.”

  14. Jay I had to repost to get links in correctly. It’s up now.

  15. Glenn has made is pile and now wants to live in peace . No, the next uncivil war will be started by women . The French Revolution as well as the English civil war were started by women

  16. Your words speak truth. But I am not the guy in the picture. He was showing off for the camera and may well have been a FF plant.

    His targets were WAAAY out of range for him at that time (like in excess of 500 yds)….his rifle had open sights…..with an AK. He is quoted as saying “I have 4 of ’em in my sights” by several journalists. Think about it.

    Are we rebels? Yes. Are we resistant to being ruled? Yes. Are we strong and independent? Yes. Are we the descendants of the strong and adventurous souls from Europe and other countries? The ones that left the safe homes and went to a New World to better themselves and their families when the less adventurous stayed home? YES.

    Are we that guy in the picture? I sincerely hope not. He is either a fool or a government plant. Either way, he doesn’t represent me. If he is the resistance, the we are totally fucked.

    I sincerely hope and pray we are better than that.

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  18. “We are a nation born of revolution. We are boiled down from the genetic stock of the misfits of Europe;”
    By “we” I of course mean white people. America is a nation of white people, since that Is the only way this statement makes any kind of sense.

    “Americans always have been, and hopefully always will be, different from Europeans.”

    Except in the whiteness department. See point number one.

    “Instead of submission to religious or royal tyranny our ancestors chose harsh and dangerous freedom.”

    Wait, wait, wait, what Is the argument here, that freedom is MORE dangerous than tyranny? Really? That’s your position? That is the silliest I have ever heard. You really think we’re in *more* danger here in the United States than in, say, Saudi Arabia, a country crushed under the heel of religious and royal tyranny? We’re in more danger here In the US than in Iran or Uzbekistan or Syria or China? Oh do fucking tell?

    “The genes may have been watered down some over time, but they still remain in many us.”

    Because military performance is genetic, right? Gee, I wonder what the “water” he’s referring to is. Since Americans are genetically badass, watering down would necessarily be done by non badass foreigners mixing their dirty genes with ours. Stop me if I’m wrong, but that would be the statement here, right? America needs to preserve Its military might by keeping our race pure. Yeah, I don’t see any red flags there. Carry on.

    • Adam, freedom is dangerous. Security is inversely proportionate to freedom; The more secure you are the less free you. And as to suggesting that I am a white supremacist and racist because I still proudly carry the genes of my forefathers…You can go fuck yourself.It is asshole racists like you that always have to make race a factor.

    • He was obviously making a point that it is on his history, do you not respect the ideals of your forefathers? Freedom is more dangerous, in those areas all the violen e come from one single source – their government. Ours can be from multiple places even ourselves via your own vote.

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  20. Adam L Brinklow-
    Sir, please go back to sleep in your comfy bed and let the adults carry on with more important things. Your lack of any intellectual insights or thoughts bring nothing to the table here. We’re sorry you got scared by the contrived racist bogeyman in your closet. Shhhh, its all better, go to sleep.

    Beck is a shill whose purpose is to buy time for the enemies of our freedom and sovereignty. Organize, arm, equip and train as a militia for mutual defense. Note: In january2015 the Chinese run Feds are coming back to attack the Bundy Ranch and then the MANY other ranches they had on the list to attack. There are over 30 plus targets in NV and several other states. Vote with your wallet and buy more ammo. Liberty1775

  22. fuck Glenn Beck….he’s one of THEM…

  23. With events heating up around the country, do not over look the potential for a “preemptive round-up”, of patriots. Holder is still AG and is as evil a man who ever lived. Situational awareness is more important than it has ever been. God Bless.

  24. Can’t stand Beck, dump the TV, its all a sham. ACTIONS over words. What does it take to get our liberty back, this is the question. Not rhetoric.

  25. Glenn Beck is a douche. His new refrain is “all you need is love” and “violence never solved anything.” What planet is he living on? He sounds like a 60 year old 5th grade grammar school teacher, and his show increasingly has become an even creepier version of the fucking 700 club.

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