Some of my Handi-crafts


box kstaff 1staff closestaff and canepipe 2little pipehome

Above are some of the items I make/made.  In order from the top:

1. Handmade red oak box made from 100yr. old hand riven oak

2. Kaleidoscope box made from 200 yr. old. hand riven Cherry. There is no glue, screws or nails (Except the hinge). Construction is hand cut and pinned box joints. Doweling can be seen on the front of the box holding the stays in place.

3. European style walking staff. Wood is 200 yr. Cherry and Dragonwood with brass inserts.

4. Close up of insert

5. Laurel oak cane with brass and antler embellishments. It’s a crappy picture, I should have gotten a close up.

6. Tobacco pipe. Construction is composite bone and laurel oak, all hand work.

7. Other than Tobacco pipe. Construction is Hickory and Live oak, all hand work

8.Some of my woodworking ’round about the house. The beauty of a small house is that you can afford to put good things in it. Look closely at the poster on the wall. She is saying” Do not criticize Obama’s reforms or you will be reported at

Hopefully my finger is going to heal up soon. When it does, I am probably going to be making some things and will have some items for sale. Most of the stuff is made without power tools so I need my hands back in good shape to proceed.

In the past I have made everything from re-curve bows to a staff for a Bishop. I will probably start off with a couple of non Tobacco type pipes. (That type of pipe is constructed for easier cleaning and has larger holes and a seat for the screen)

If anyone has materials that they would like to donate to the cause email me at

8 responses to “Some of my Handi-crafts

  1. Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  2. Beautiful. Every piece. Love your home.


  3. Surely you didn’t do the hardwood floors?


  4. Beautiful workmanship.


  5. Pink carpet. FACE PALM! It is really beautiful now.


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