Say what??

“To those of you who voted, I hear you,” Obama said in his first public remarks since the election. To those who didn’t vote, “I hear you too.”

And just what the hell does that mean? Is his over inflated ego taking that as a mandate for him to do what he wants? He did say it right after talking about how many people turned out to vote for him.

In his delusion, is he saying that the 2/3 who didn’t vote are on his side and outnumber the paltry 1/3 who turned out?

Doesn’t he realize that people are withdrawing from the system because it has become nothing but a sham and we will not validate it by participating?

Did he hear me? I submitted a blank ballot with crooks, liars and 1776 written across it in large letters. Did he hear my wife? She did the same, writing commentaries on each candidate and scrawled REVOLUTION across it.

I doubt if he did. I think that he “Hears” what he wants concerning the no voters and thinks it revolves around him and his popularity. If this is going where I think it is going, then he will start hearing me and a chorus of others… Soon.

Can you hear me now?

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