Cheer the hell up….

My wife always manages to cheer me up no matter what the circumstance. After my Aw shit moment on Saturday night, when I took the top half inch of my trigger finger off, we decided that a trip to the ER was in order.

We got into the back pretty quickly, but after that it was a 2 hour wait for the doctor to do anything. When he finally came in, he pulled the bandage off and examined the finger then put an order in with the nurse.

One of the things that he ordered was a bone chipper from the O.R. because, as he explained, he would have to crush the bone with the chipper and remove it. Apparently the bone can’t be too close to the surface and has to be below a certain amount of tissue to heal.

So here I am on a little stretcher/bed with my elbow on the treatment table pointing up at the ceiling with my bloody finger, waiting for the nurse to arrive with the bone chipper. I think that my wife could tell by the look on my face that I was really looking forward to this Dr. crushing and then removing the bone from my fingertip.

So she leans over and kisses me on the cheek and points at my finger which now has a perfectly flat top “Do you know what the upside to that is?” she asked. I shook my head to the negative. “Well, now you can balance a dinner plate on your finger”

She almost dropped me, the doctor and the nurse on the floor laughing. Can’t argue with humor like that.

(BTW the ER nurse actually had to leave the room when he did the bone. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that option)

3 responses to “Cheer the hell up….

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  2. Get better soon. Had no idea they such things a bone crushers. Slept better not knowing.

    You have practiced shooting handguns with your off hand, haven’t you?

    Buddy of mine was practing shooting with his off hand. He’s left handed so he was shooting with his right. Did Okay. A guy challenged him at the range to a little contest. Buddy barely lost shooting off handed. They had a few bucks on it. Then he said, to make it interesting, how about double or nothing shooting off handed? Buddy picked a few quick bucks. “Just lucky, I guess.”

    Anyway, heal up so you can practice with those dinner plates.

    • Funny thing about that off hand.In April I was building an aviary and I had to set the door posts in the ground. My back yard is solid clay and my sledge hammer would not budge the posts. So I went inside and got a 20Lb. solid steel barbell. Man, that really did the job, driving them right in. I wanted the one that the door was to be hung on extra solid so I wound up to hit it just as hard as I could…..Do I really need to continue or is that enough said? It’s been a bad year for hands.

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