Trigger finger down!

It appears that I may not be posting for a few days. Let me put it this way: When I woke up on Sunday morning my trigger finger was 1/2″ shorter than it was on Saturday night.

Ouch. Poor me.

8 responses to “Trigger finger down!

  1. Damn man, what did you do?
    It’s funny, but I’ve broken every finger in both hands – except my trigger fingers.


  2. I put my finger in the finger shortener. That’s the hole on a reese hitch that the pin goes through.We were putting a carrier on the back of the truck and it got shoved forward while I was feeling for alignment with my finger.It was dark out and the women freaked out and in the ensuing commotion I forgot to take a picture.Damn.


  3. That must have hurt. My old man would have asked if I’d learned anything, but I’d NEVER say that to you.
    But seriously, sorry you got hurt.


  4. I did the same thing in the Corps, cept’ I got to keep my finger. I was giving our Boot ass Butterbar LT a class on how to properly stow and unfold the crane on a MK48-15 LVS Wrecker when it happened. Of course, I had to reach up into the wheel wheel to lock the crane boom down into a clevis with a pin. As I was wiggling the pin into the clevis, I was trying to determine if it was lined up to go through the boom hole and over to the other side of the clevis and poke through. Well I told the guy operating the control box to bump it right… He bumped it left, and put the crane boom into the closest side of the clevis where my middle finger still was. I flattened and split my finger like an overcooked hot dog. The best part of it all was being able to pull my glove off and extend my finger towards the LT to let him see it. Good times…


  5. hey jim, are you allright? what did you do? have you considered that at the rate you injure your fingers/hands its probably good that humans don’t live to 150years?


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