My wife just won’t believe that I just loaded up and put my AMD-65 in the truck and went back to work because it is bring your gun to work day.

She came out in the driveway with a nervous look on her face and started playing 20 questions with me. “Is everything alright” Yes babe it’s fine, it’s bring your gun to work day. “Did someone threaten you?” No, I told you everything is fine. “Well, I have a lump here in my chest now, Did someone try to break in? Is there something I don’t know? ” Babe, everything is cool, can’t a man just visit his gun occasionally ?  “Maybe you should just turn off for awhile, skip the news and stuff today, just let everything ride ” It’s cool, really, it’s just bring your gun to work day .

I pull out of the driveway and she waves, still looking a little nervous as I leave. It’s not like she never heard of bring your gun to work day before, right?

That’s the beauty of owning your own business; you can declare whatever day you want. If you want to declare “Everybody gets off early and drinks beer” day, you can. We have have everyone shoots fireworks at each other day, everyone comes in late day and various others.We also have bring your gun to work day.

When I say “Bring your gun” I don’t mean your personal protection piece; That is every day. I mean bring your favorite or your best or your baddest.

I brought my favorite. Can’t a guy like his gun and tote it around with him if he wants? Hell, when the dog was alive I took her to work with me everyday. Can’t a guy like his gun as much as he likes his dog?

She finally seemed to chill out a little  when I reminded her of the poem I wrote called “Got my gun back” which I wrote after she caught me fondling same said weapon after a 2 months absence……… Women.

Got my gun back

She said I missed you
And I did
She saw the way I touched you
You felt so good in my hands
That I couldn’t hide it
Like part of me
You and I
Lightning, clouds and thunder
Raining brass from the sky
Death no longer silent
But screaming in joy
Barking it out loudly
Singing to the world
Stirring dust devils
In the distance
As we dance

2 responses to “Women

  1. Makes sense to me.

    It was coffee break with your gun day for me today. My lovely wife came down to the table and saw me having a coffee with my SKS. It was my uncle’s war trophy from Cambodia and it’s come down to me. She didn’t even mention it. Why should she? Normal, right?


    • Glad to see I’m not alone. She doesn’t usually notice because normally it is 6:00 AM and she is still sleeping. It was a little unusual because I did it at lunch. Around the house she doesn’t notice because that is pretty normal. Even she gets out her favorite m1 carbine and visits it occasionally.


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