Big gay mayor of Houston backs down on subpoenas

“HOUSTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Houston’s mayor says the city has withdrawn subpoenas seeking speeches and other information from five pastors who publicly opposed an ordinance banning discrimination of gay and transgender residents.

Mayor Annise Parker said Wednesday that the subpoenas weren’t intended to infringe on anyone’s religious freedoms, but rather to help the city defend itself against a lawsuit challenging the ordinance that the City Council approved in May.”

What happened, did she smell a Bundy ranch redux coming on a massive scale? Unlike the Bundy ranch this one was clear cut and audience participation would have been much higher.

Damned unnaturals are not content to just go about their own business and leave others alone.

Did I tell you that I woke up in an exceptionally foul mood this morning? I had declared yesterday a zero negativity day and it went really well; That is until I watched beltway nation on for the record last night. A word of advice; don’t do that just before bedtime.

I honestly can’t even say what I am thinking without having a SWAT team show up at my door.

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