“Shocking poll” Democrats lose millenials

“Harvard University on Wednesday provided new proof that the Democrats are going to be broadsided in Tuesday’s national elections as millennial voters, in a shocking shift, now prefer a Republican-controlled Congress and give President Obama his second lowest grade ever.

A new and massive poll of 2,029 18- to 29-year-olds from Harvard’s Institute of Politics just released found that of those who say they will “definitely be voting,” 51 percent want the GOP in charge, 47 percent favoring Democratic control”

“a huge shift from the last IOP midterm poll. In 2010, younger voters kept to their historic trend with 55 percent favoring Democrats, 43 percent Republicans. That is an eight-point change, very good news for the Republicans who had feared that the Obama generation would show up at the polls and in knee-jerk fashion simply pull the Democratic levers.”

“Shellacking” that’s the term isn’t it? Yes, I believe that one of epic proportions is about to happen. No matter how much the Dear Leader flies around the country telling everyone how great things are, there is no covering up the shape that our country is in.

Things are bad enough that it is starting to saturate the psyche’s of even the youngsters. I have nephew who is 9 and is after his mother to watch the news because he is worried about Ebola. She is one of those non-news, insulate yourself from reality types  and he is now infusing her with what is going on.

“Shellacking” Yep, I think that term is a little mild for what is about to happen to the big gay party.

From Washington examiner, original here: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/shock-harvard-poll-millennial-voters-want-gop-in-charge-abandon-obama/article/2555411

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