Liberia loses another Dr. to Ebola

“The medical profession in Liberia and the nation as a whole have again been terribly hit by Ebola.  It was announced last weekend that Dr. Thomas Scotland on Saturday succumbed to Ebola in the JFK’s Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU).  This brings to six the number of medical doctors we have lost to Ebola, in a nation already woefully doctor-starved.

First we lost Dr. Sam Mutooro Muhumuza, the Ugandan physician, in July, and on the 26th of that month, our Independence Day, Dr. Sam Brisbane, a physician with over 40 years of experience. Next came Dr. Abraham Borbor, another long-serving internist; then a very promising fourth year medical student, Malikee Siryon, who died last week.

The next casualty was Dr. John Dada, a Ugandan-born intern at the Obs and Gyns section of the JFK, who died at the weekend. He studied at the University of Liberia’s A.M. Doggliotti College of Medicine, remained here and became a naturalized Liberian.”

Nothing to see here, just move along. We have everything under control.

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