Jihad comes to Canada


A 25-year old Canadian man killed one and injured another Canadian soldier after he used his vehicle to run the troops over in a mall parking lot. After his car was identified, the driver was then pursued by police for a couple miles, which ended when the jihadi motorist lost control and flipped his vehicle into a ditch.

“Police said that Marin Rouleau, or Ahmad LeConverti (Ahmad the Converted) according to his Facebook page, then decided to get out of his disabled vehicle and charge the cops with a knife in hand. As he was running at the police officers, Rouleau was reportedly shot several times and killed.”

Sorry about the big writing. I wasn’t yelling, it just came out that way.

Maybe I should have been though. This highlights the true danger from ISIS. It is not that they are going to fly over and attack us; It is going to be some dumb ass wanna be Jihadi who is already here and decides to walk into a Mcdonalds with an AK.

Add that to the growing list of things to fear

1. Barack Hussein Obama

2. Federal tyranny

3. People with blood shooting out of their eyes

4. Starving dogs with fevers

5. UN medical troops

6. The Democrats winning the mid terms

7. The Republicans winning the mid terms

8. The ATF

9. The IRS

10. Balaclava clad Jihadis running through crowds with their cars

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