Liberia transport minister in quarantine after driver dies of Ebola

And that after this:

“Liberia said its chief medical officer Bernice Dahn, who has been leading the fight against Ebola, does not have the deadly virus.

But, Minister of Information Lewis Brown said, Dahn placed herself in quarantine after her special assistant died Thursday. ”

And this:

“MONROVIA, Liberia — One of Liberia’s most high-profile doctors has died of Ebola, a government official said Sunday, highlighting the risks that health workers face in trying to combat the deadly disease.”

But don’t worry, Dear leader has said that everything is safe.

Just remember that these aren’t hut dwelling bushmeat eaters going down here. These are educated Govt. officials who know all about protocol and are the elite of their society.

As the head of Samaritins purse stated and as evidenced by the unusual spread in Africa “Something is different about this one”

Just don’t forget that “Never let a crisis go to waste” is a double edged sword.

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