Has anybody noticed that there are people noticeably missing this morning? I have and they are assuming SHTF. It comes with a whimper instead of a bang. It is time to step the game up a notch. We will know for sure in the next few weeks.Decision time draws nigh…

5 responses to “SHTF

  1. Who is missing? I’m here. Come to think of it, co-workers aren’t here today. And a squirrel that kept eating my corn in the garden is missing… dinner was good last night. Chicken fried squirrel. Probably a coincidence….

  2. Chicken fried squirrel!!! :- ( My little dogs best friends!
    Neighbor raising rabbits, chickens.
    I will be disappearing some today. My prepping needs some last minute work.
    An interesting decision to be made. For about a year and a half I have been stockpiling foods for my family and employees (3).
    I’m thinking now is probably time to have them load up and take it home….

  3. ….like who/whom are missing?

  4. There are… preparations in place friends. The world is in an uproar and America is the nexus. We’re at what I like to call a “Node of History” – it’s one of those places in “time” where the time stream travels to a tightly, narrowed tube and events that occur change the face of the planet for ever.

    World War I and II each had these “nodes” and you can all see that for yourselves if you study history. Romes rise and fall contained several such nodes. The rise of the United States, Soviet Union and Communist China had these “nodes”.

    We’re approaching a point – though I can’t personally predict the exact events at this time – where the “narrowing time stream” (and this is just a phrase I use to describe my thinking, not the reality) will have so many interconnecting events occurring that one or two of them will boil to the top and become “The Event of Change”.

    Men and Women in America are preparing for the inevitable even if we aren’t sure precisely what that will be.

    Our preaching about “Being Prepared” is paying off. Finally.

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