Mesh networking; Connecting without cell or wi-fi

“In most modern networks, links and nodes are interconnected (both logically and physically) in either a star arrangement (with each node connected directly to a central switch, hub or server) or a bus configuration (with each node attached to a central line that is connected to a central switching component). Both of these configurations are well understood, inexpensive and generally reliable, but one broken link in either setup can isolate a node, cutting it off from the network.

A newer arrangement, mesh networking, connects each node to at least two other nodes (and potentially to each and every other network node, an arrangement referred to as “fully connected”). This involves more cabling (or more wireless devices) and greater overhead, but it allows the network to heal itself automatically when a break occurs, so there’s no interruption of service to any node.

A mesh network is a LAN (usually wireless) where each node is connected to many others, configured to allow connections to be rerouted around broken or blocked paths, with the signal hopping from node to node until it reaches its destination. Mesh networks are self-healing and very reliable.”

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