First Ebola case in USA

So recent travels huh? How did he get here, plane? Boat? Quarantine time for anyone on board and anyone they have been in contact with.Absolute genius to still be allowing travel to and from West Africa.

Let’s see if our troops over there start getting it now also. Overwhelm the system and there is no choice bu mass quarantine.

Hello, I’m from the government, I am here to help you……

5 responses to “First Ebola case in USA

  1. So far, Luciferians have been attacking the US to take over the world with working at destruction of Christianity; shredding the Constitution; corruption of government; reducing us to slothfulness and dependency on NWO masters by shipping our industry to others; reducing intelligence, motivation, and emotional well-being through food, water, chemicals, and drugs; running up debt through uncalled-for wars that destroy national morality; embracing plagues by removing defenses; and destroying greatness in our national character by bringing in multitudes seeking to overthrow it. If I left anything out, tell me only if you won’t be giving others ideas they have not yet thought of.

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  3. Well isn’t that just effin’ peachy. I will not be quarantined or placed somewhere I do not wish to go. I’d bet Houston is next. If that happens, the Backyarder Camp is out son! Sailboat is ready to shove off 24/7.

  4. Reblogged this on Cold Dead Hands Days and commented:
    absolutely perfect timing before elections.

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