Ain’t nobody done nothin’ for Chad Taylor

So you say
While my sweat and blood
Feed the hungry ground
My broken bones
Toil behind the plow
So you say
While you lay
And feed your hunger
And cry about
Your pain
So you say
While I feed you
Yet another day
And watch you drive away
In the car
That I own

There is a rule in life; Don’t piss writers off because they WILL write nasty things about you. I wrote this piece about 6 years ago and the only reason that I am posting it is because I am as sick as a dog and feeling mean and spiteful.
I had an update on the miserable human leech mentioned above and the thought of it gives me cruel pleasure that I know I shouldn’t enjoy.But hey, it didn’t come at my hand. You know that I would not revel in it were he not truly a bad person.Suffice it to say that he broke the arm of a 7 month old baby.
Apparently my wife’s son had enough of his shenanigans last winter.He wrapped a tire chain around his fist and beat him to within an inch of his life then loaded him up on a bus out of town.
He is a really big and bad boy to begin with and he certainly did not need the chain; that was just for fun.
I know, karma is probably going to get me, but what can I say?

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