Under the cold moonlight

Under the cold moonlight
I lost the love of God
‘Though I prayed
I lost more than faith
While she cried
Looking through a telescope
Into that black sky
Hoping that the moon
So magnified
Would bring her
Closer to God
But her small prayers
Went unanswered
And her telescope
Lies in my closet
No closer to God
Than she ever was
And I can never look upon it
Open those doors
Without wanting to cry

Pathetic. Little kid crying in my driveway wanting to use the telescope because she thinks if she is closer to God that he will hear her prayers. Why? Because her family is breaking up and her mother is about to estrange her from her grandparents. 7 Yrs. and who walks through the door of my business this morning? While my wife is here? Our long estranged daughter, looking as stoned as the day she left. Guess, I am supposed to be good with this and forget 7 yrs. without a grandchild.
I think I will stop for now so my head doesn’t explode.

2 responses to “Under the cold moonlight

  1. Strength and courage ………………
    Best of luck with a truly sad situation.

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