Letter from Liberia

Unfortunately my brother has lost contact with his friend in Liberia. At this point he does not know if he is alive or not. Things were delayed getting the letter below, so it is a couple of weeks old. If I get anything new I will post it.

Dear friends,


As many of you have heard a Virus, Ebola, has hit Liberia and is severe. It has no cure. The President of the Republic has declared a National Emergency. We are all glued at our homes waiting for whom to be infected. Many have died and are lying in the streets. There are entire villages where it is said no is left alive.

Hospitals and Clinics are all closing because Health Workers are dying in the numbers due to no protection against the virus. All we are doing now is calling on our God to look back on us, forgive us, and have mercy on us.

We have been told that a preventive measure is to use disenfectants especially in the homes, beds, and all that an infected person has been in contact with.

The recommended disenfectans of which we desire to distribute to those we can reach.
1. Chlorine
2. Delto
3. Chloride

These materials are dissolved in a special bucket that is sold and we are told to be vigilant in washing our hands, and areas where infected people have died or been cared for.
The government has asked all to stay in their homes for the next 90 days but they have made no provision for food and medicines and so people are also dying in their homes due to the lack of food and medicine. In some areas they have enforced a quarantine (although they are quick to remove government officials from the area first).

In view of the above, we are kindly asking our friends, while they are with us in prayers for God’s mercy, to also kindly help us with money to purchase these preventive materials for our Church Membership all over Liberia and our neighbors so that they can also prevent themselves. As this is an SOS call, we do not have a specific budget, but depend on what God would provide through you for us in Liberia.

Our own clinic, The Pastor Fred Davis Memorial Clinic is closed due to the emergency. The Health Workers at that clinic do not have the preventive gear and are simply afraid they will die without them. We also need some Thermometers which are used to determine people with high fever, which is also a positive sign of the virus.

We are still alive, please continue to pray with us.

Name removed

Thank you for joining us in prayer for the fight against the Ebola Virus in our Country, Liberia. Hence, the President of the Republic, Madame Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, has declared a “State of Emergency” for a period of 90 days, and has also restricted families and friends from visiting each other in order to minimize the spread of the virus.

This could be a very good strategy but it is associated with hunger. There are no provisions made by the government to help provide food and safe drinking water for its people.

There are reports of deaths of Senior Citizens (elderly) that can not withstand such living condition in a country that is poverty stricken. The restrictions of movement are enforced by the Liberian Army who patrols the streets with arms daily.

As the battle against this deadly Ebola Virus continues, we are now seeking the face of Jehovah Jireh, the God that provides, to care for His people.

Presently there are some positive outcome with some medicine being prescribed, and that 30 persons that were treated from those affected have been proven negative and are re-united with their families. That shows that God is hearing us and answering our prayers.

Please continue to keep praying along with us.

Name removed… leader of a fellowship of churches (about 90 churches) .
Dearest Bishop,

I’m sorry to have been late in responding to your email. I was out of the city and just got back. I have been trying to check on the people in the rural areas and educating them on some preventive measures against the Ebola Virus.

We want to express our thanks and appreciation to you, Mother Mary, and the entire Church for your kind gesture.
I just got the money out and going to set up teams to get what is needed for helping our people.

We pray that God will give back to you as you continue to open your arms to his people. I have attached some photos from when you were here with us. These are some of who you are helping to save from this deadly Ebola Virus.

Again, our regards to Mother Mary and the entire Church.

Name removed

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  1. Is there an address to send donations?

  2. I just reblogged a piece from BattlefieldUSA – take a look. Fixing to watch the video, quiet in the office this afternoon.

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