Cop arrested after shooting unarmed man

This is straight up bully mentality. The cop is vested and trained yet he doesn’t wait to see a weapon. Deep down inside he is afraid and if he isn’t backed up by 12 other cops, then he goes trigger happy.

That mentality is what is getting so many people shot up these days.They have lost sight of the fact that they are mere public servants and view every person as a potential enemy. Do something that frightens the scared bully and get shot.

Lucky for this guy he is still alive.

As a side note, a miracle happened yesterday. The second coming of my phone service happened. We finally got a hold of someone that was actually in Florida and instead of putting another repair order in to get suspended, she decided to contact the field supervisor.

This guy came out to our house and was under the impression that everything had been repaired. It took him all of five minutes to fix it once he figured out that it had been disconnected at a box down the street.

It’s amazing that all it took was one competent woman to resolve the whole thing.

2 responses to “Cop arrested after shooting unarmed man

  1. The key word here is competent…


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