Good times with Centurylink!

I have been holding off on posting this because I was going to wait until I had resolution of the matter. It has become obvious that there is no resolution so let me begin

Let me start by saying this: Don’t ever use Centurylink for your phone service…Ever

Use a cell phone, use two cans on a string, yell down the street if you have to, but don’t bother with service from Centurylink. Now I now that some of the people that read my blog have Centurylink email addresses so don’t take this personally,but the company itself  sucks.

This all started Last Friday when my wife called the company because phone calls have been cutting in and out over the past month. The woman she spoke to at the customer service Dept. started right out the gate by being rude.This escalated to the point that my wife eventually asked to speak to her supervisor, to which she responded that none were available. Following that she promptly hung up,leaving my wife in mid-sentence.

I guess that I don’t have to tell you that was the wrong thing to do. My wife called back and not only talked to the supervisor, but also his supervisor.  By the time it was all said and done, Miss Shanikwa from the service Dept. was in quite a bit of hot water…..And here is where it gets interesting.

They put in a repair ticket and told us that a Tech would be out on Saturday to do the repair. Well, on Friday, at about 5:30 PM I hear a knock on the door and when I open it there is a big black guy standing there in a Centurylink uniform.

He informs me that he has a report that there is “Noise on your line” and he is there to fix it. No problem, he is driving a company truck and when he asks for access to the phone box, I don’t see any reason not to agree.

After about forty minutes I start thinking that he is taking an awful long time out there. I take a look out the window and lo and behold, his truck is gone; Poof, vanished. I walk over and pick up the phone and what do you know, my phone is dead; The sonofabitch came out and cut my phone line.

So my wife takes my cell and calls the phone company to find out what is up with the phone. She is told that the guy is working in the area and when dispatch calls him h,e tells her that someone told him to cut our phone service. She also says that she has a work order for us, but it has not been released to a tech yet.

Well, by this point we are starting to put two and two together. Apparently this was a friend or Beau of Shanikwa’s and he was dumb enough to do this crap in a company uniform. I had already taken a look at at his handiwork in the back yard; He had opened up the utility box and there was a rat’s nest of wires hanging out.

So about half an hour goes by and the guy shows up again.This time, instead of parking in front of my house, he parks in front of the neighbors house, out of direct sight from the front windows. Well, I spotted his truck anyway and decided to go out and see what he was up to. I went around the large bushes that surround my yard and walked up on him while he is splicing wires.

I already have his game at this point and am quite pissed off about it. He assures me that he has been diligently working on my phone problem the whole time and only left to check the wiring at the main box down the street. Then he tells me that he told me when he left to check the other box.

At this point I call bullshit on him and tell that my first instinct when I saw the open box was to call 911. I then tell him that he needs to get his ass back to his truck and give me a work order number. He assures me that he will not only give me that, but also his supervisors phone number.

So I walk him down to his truck, all casual like, but he can tell that I’m about ready to split his skull for him. We walk up on his service van and he stands at the door like he is going to open it, but doesn’t. So I prompt him, demanding the damn work order. At that point he opens the door and reaches in and rustles some papers around. Then he pops out and says that he left it at the main office on his computer.

By this time this guy is all nervous and shaking. He knows that I caught him at his game and am very unhappy about it. Every time he turns to walk away I step up and block him and keep him corned at his truck. He’s probably about 6’3″ and has about 50 pounds on me, but I don’t really care by this point.

I am kind of torn about what to do now. I have taken a picture of his truck and number and with one phone call, this dumb ass is out of a job; Not only is he out of a job, but he is out of a good job. On the other hand, if I call the cops he might skate. Technically, I don’t own the box that he worked on and he will for sure say that he is authorized to work on it.

So, I take down his employee number along with his truck number and decide to put him out of a job and then call the cops.  As soon as I am off of him, he jumps into his van and hauls ass.

Easy right? One phone call and this scum is unemployed.

Wrong. Now it’s Wednesday and I still have no phone service. We have talked to at least ten supervisors and each one assures us that it will be back on by the end of the day. Every time they look at our account they notice that the work order has been suspended and are a little puzzled by it. Yesterday I talked to one and he told me that the work was complete as of Monday at 7:00 PM and everything was A-okay.

Well, I knew that the phone was not operational because, get this, on Monday night at 8:00 PM there was a fire at my business and the fire Dept. couldn’t contact me. Yeah, it just keeps getting better. It wasn’t big and didn’t cause any damage, but it’s the point.

So at this point it is obvious that the local supervisor is covering for the guy that did it and won’t allow the work order to go through. When this all started the local supervisor was to supposed to call and give us all of his info so we could call the cops and never did.

Sweet huh? This is 5 days later and right now my wife is talking  to yet  another Centurylink supervisor who is assuring her that it will all be taken care of. Yeah , I believe that.

I should have beat his ass while I had the chance

5 responses to “Good times with Centurylink!

  1. Wow. Never a dull moment!

  2. That SOB!… I’m pissed for you dude and I more than likely would have split his head down to the white meat. I don’t play well with shady bastards like that. Can you imagine how often that type of shit goes on all over the place? Somebody in a call center gets their little butthole sore on the phone and sends out one of their henchmen to tear shit up at your expense and time. Anytime I get someone out to my house to install shit I’m hawking their ass. If I deem them to be cool after a few minutes of profiling, I always offer them a beer. I’ve had dudes from DirecTV tell me that I made their day and that they wish everybody was cool like that. I’m over here like “screw it, a working man needs a beer every now and then”…

    • Yeah, I guess I am going to have to start doing that. My business has a service dept. and I used to do it and hated the guy that hung out and watched your every move. But then again , I always did honest business and hustled my ass off when I had someone on the clock. I think I might try it with an ice cold beer at hand as you said.

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