A letter to my father

How can I rip poetry from my soul for you?
You are part of me and so is your poetry , rooted deep within my being
I cannot put that emotion into words
The best that I can do is tear out a raw, quivering, bloody lump of feeling
You are my rock, my strength, my laugh, my goodness, my caring,
All of the good things that I am
You are my love, immovable, everlasting
You are my security and protection
The roughness of you in my memory,the scent in my nostrils,
Your face always before my eyes
You are my father, even though you are not
You loved me
Even though you didn’t have to
You are gone and God, the price I would pay
For one laugh or smile
One word of good cheer or uplifting
One story
Or one joke.
I love you

Yeah, He really was that good of a guy. It has taken me 23 yrs. to post it publicly and even after all the time that has  passed, it was still a tough write. Good men make good men and I hope that if he were still here today, that he would be proud. It’s a big set of shoes to fill but I have done my best.

3 responses to “A letter to my father

  1. My father died in 1989. There is rarely a day goes by that we siblings don’t talk about him or Mama. Right now the conversation is about songs Papa sang to us as kids, to our kids…….
    You could have written this for my Dad. It is beautiful, and the good he and Mama stood for is my touchstone. Always.

    • Thanks. When I posted it I knew that there would be people that related to it.The power of good people can never be underestimated. I am told sometimes that I am too nice of a guy…but I don’t think so.

  2. LOL, bet the phone guy agrees with you! 🙂

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