War comes to America

It’s here. The brutal islamists have landed on our shores.That’s right, islamist hackers have attacked the website of Kirk Cameron’s upcoming film “Saving Christmas”. Over the weekend the site was hacked and an islamist message was posted saying “”The Turkish spirit will shine again and the use of weapons will emerge in the nation’s history as this hero will shine again.” Brutal bastards. They may as well have taken out Santa’s sleigh with a Sam and hacked his head off with a dull knife.
Is that roasted reindeer that I smell?

Full story here:http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/09/08/christian-actors-website-allegedly-attacked-by-islamic-hacker-group/

4 responses to “War comes to America

  1. What’s fucking awesome is that we will be able to engage them without stupid ass ROE’s in the way.

  2. Eh, this was pussy hacking. When they want to bring their “crusade”, I’m all fuckin for it. We can play then. With real toys. Like guns, and bombs. Like pigs blood and guts to hang you or bury you with. You mudslimes won’t last here.

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