The state of the III percent

You may wonder at times what the actual state of the III percent movement is. Are we everywhere? How many of us are there actually out there? It is lucky for you that I have already done the legwork for you on this one.

Let me start by saying this: Over the past two years the numbers of our movement have increased exponentially. How would I know that? You might ask.( Yeah, or more likely not) But read on and I will tell you anyway.

About three years ago, I started keeping tabs on the growth of the movement. I would go to google (Which I do not normally use) put in the term “Three percent” and then hit images. The results were paltry at best, bringing only two or three images up that were relevant.

Then I would go to ebay and do the same; Once again the same result. After that I would move on to facebook (Which I do not use) and do it there; Four or five groups numbering in the tens.

That is not the case today. On an image search hundreds if not thousands of results come up. Any kind of gear that you may want to buy is represented; From magazines to coffee mugs to tee shirts. If you follow the images they will also take you to a host of threeper sites.

Where there is product being sold there are customers and there is a lot of product out there. On an ebay search there is now product all over under the listing of three percent.They even have all the different spellings (3% III) with more product there.

Facebook, which was once a 3% wasteland, is now loaded down with 3% pages and groups some of which have 40,000 plus likes. There are now groups representing almost every state in the nation.

So I would advise that you take heart from this. If we are not everywhere, we will be soon. I am taking an active campaign online to spread the movement. As a former political activist I belong to hundreds of groups and can reach out and touch a lot of people in a short time.I am thinking that many of these groups will now be receptive to the 3% philosophy.

In my daily read at WRSA the other day they were stressing the importance of growth and I think that they are right.

The ground to plant the seeds in are not going to be more fertile then they are right now. Don’t only resist now, but spread the resistance. Make a comment on an article? Bring up three percent. Got a facebook page? Three percent.

If things keep growing the way are they you won’t be able to sling a dead cat without hitting a threeper.( And that is NOT advisable)


19 responses to “The state of the III percent

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    • Hey Brig. General Lemmen, we’ve been wanting a flag officer JUST LIKE YOU to give a little rah-rah speech for the boys. You know, instill a sense of duty and pride in them. Maybe after the talk you’d like to stick around for a little practical session as well. Sgt Stryker would REALLY like to show you how to break a judo hold, ynwisaityd.


      • Paul H. Lemmen

        Thank you Mr. Mayor for your diligence in keeping the public aware of my past. A bit over the top, but then so is my past. Please continue to do so, keep following my re-blog and comment activity so you may perform your duty to keep me humble and to keep my past in the forefront of everyone’s mind!
        God Bless you sir! Please keep pointing out my sin for as the psalmist says in Psalm 50: My sin is ever before me. I would make a small request though Mr. Mayor: would you please add that I have publicly confessed my crime, pled guilty and accepted a sentence in federal prison? That’s all. Just a little more on the pile to keep reminding folks that I have an infamous past and should never be trusted or allowed to speak in any forum.
        Have a God Blessed weekend sir!


      • the General is head of the joint chiefs now….stand at attention boy


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  3. I actually saw a III% logo on the back of someone’s truck last week. I tried to catch up to flash a three finger salute. He must have thought I was with the UN because he was driving around 70 in a 45 to keep away from me. My jacked up 4×4 should have said otherwise.


  4. III


  5. K needs to get working on flyers and business cards that we can hand out at events…I printed some out myself but need some with pizazz…Need to be getting on patriot radio shows and other patriot sites…


  6. It went Main Stream just like Prepping did, which means that it is just a trendy fad for a lot of people who don’t have a freaking clue about the core values, unfortunately.
    I support the cause but don’t have stickers on my car and crap like that to give the local Po Po a reason to jerk my chain.

    It’s more of a keep quiet about it and lay low in my own AO. Mine is not kid friendly if you catch my drift.
    Even dogs are smart enough not to crap in their own back yard if they don’t have to.

    On the other hand, to each their own.


    • I’m with you on the Po Po and all I have is III on my bumper. Don’t need the sovereign citizen treatment but it lets any III know .


      • I’m more of the gray man and like to blend in. IMO, stickers and all are good by also attract a lot of unease salary attention.

        Been seeing more 3% stuff out there but i do feel it’s also become a fad. I’m of the belief that it’s the quiet ones that would have to watch out for. 😉


    • my approach is…..WWRWDN?…..”What would Randy Weaver do nowadays?” Would Randy be inclined to join up with another neighborhood group or any other group to just maybbe bring on a visit by an FBI informant who asks him to saw off a shotgun barrel? Not anymore he wouldn’t.


  7. III% all the way. There are some who, lets say, don’t stand out and don’t draw attention to themselves by flying flags, bumper stickers and the like. They train, prepare, conduct surveillance, prepare, prepare and prepare. Those are the III% types that make the weenie types lay awake at night. We are everywhere.


  8. Thank you so much for these tips. I really love reading your blog, it’s really informative and you always something helpful to share with us. I really appreciate it.


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  10. You’re seriously using Kerodin’s hustles as a measure of popularity?

    Your methodology is in need of revision and greater rigor.


    • I am using nothing but observation. A search term that used to bring up nothing, now has many results, plus the other things mentioned. As to Kerodin, what he does is not up to me to judge. I put the info out and each may judge for themselves.


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