“Shoot em’ to the Ground” Fire Superiority!

This is why I practice 50 YD. rapid fire zombie kills. I burn 300 to 500 Rds. at a time. When I can keep a 6″ group at the highest rate of fire I am able to put out, I know that on a larger target I have pretty good chance of scoring. Go for the head… Keep ’em dead.

The Tactical Hermit


One of the most frequent questions I get from students is “How many rounds do I fire in a situation where my life is at risk?” I often answer this with the very simple answer “As many as you need too to put the threat down.”I then refer back to the military term of FIRE SUPERIORITY and  how important it is to have in a firefight. Militarily, there are many tactical reasons for fire superiority. But the most practical reason that translates to a typical civilian situation is to increase the CO’s odds of survival by putting more rounds into the enemy (and the enemy’s direction) than the enemy is putting into yours.

I also often go into a lengthy speech detailing exactly why the CO you should always “Train as they are going to Fight”. The way a CO trains with their firearms for self-defense is a very…

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